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School of Logic

Natural curiosity leads to organized knowledge

As students transition from Grammar School into the School of Logic, they learn to logically organize knowledge into meaningful arguments while growing in their pursuit of wisdom and virtue. An emphasis is placed on developing the skills necessary for increased independent study and time management. 

Core Subjects

Students in the School of Logic continue to engage in core subjects such as math, history, Latin, etc. However, at this stage, they are also introduced to the subject of logic, which begins to change how they look at all subjects. The persuasive essay is also presented at this level as well as increasingly more challenging literature selections.


Schedule & Calendar

Students who study Logic have the opportunity to attend classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, with the option of attending on Thursdays for our scholé day. This unique day allows for both academic instruction and special enrichment experiences. School hours are from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, with classes starting on the Wednesday after Labor Day and ending in mid-May.


Discussion Based

The aim of classical education is to cater to the physical and mental development of students. Therefore, students of the logic stream find discussion-based classrooms and the chance to delve into meaningful topics quite enjoyable. They are taught the art of debate and rhetoric, emphasizing the importance of logical reasoning over emotional appeal. The faculty of the Logic School are adept at asking thought-provoking questions, guiding discussions, and challenging students without imposing their own opinions.

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