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The Purpose of a Wonderview Education

"What if education wasn't first and foremost about what we know, but about what we love?” James K.A. Smith

At Wonderview School, classical education transcends mere preparation for college or career; our aim is nothing short of shaping students into individuals of profound wisdom and virtue. Recognizing each student as a reflection of the divine image, our curriculum is designed to cultivate a deep appreciation for the true, the good, and the beautiful, ultimately guiding them towards a life characterized by virtue. Rooted in this tradition, our students are equipped to reason critically, think logically, evaluate arguments, and articulate themselves with eloquence both in writing and speech.


Grammar School

Our Grammar School encompasses kindergarten through 5th grade, a phase marked by boundless wonder and exhilarating discovery. Here, our dedicated teachers are committed to igniting within students a profound passion for learning. Throughout these formative years, the curriculum places a strong emphasis on laying the foundational building blocks of knowledge and mastering fundamental concepts. It's a time when children revel in the joy of memorization, tapping into their innate capacity to absorb information with ease and enthusiasm.

Logic School

The School of Logic, spanning Grades 6-8, is a pivotal stage in students' development, marked by rapid growth in their ability to engage in abstract thinking and grasp complex cause-and-effect relationships. At this juncture, our curriculum is meticulously crafted to sharpen students' critical thinking skills and hone their capacity for logical reasoning. Our aim is to empower them not only to navigate academic challenges but also to cultivate self-directed learning habits and adeptly manage their schedules and responsibilities.


Rhetoric School

The School of Rhetoric includes Grades 9-12. With minds full of knowledge and the ability to logically organize that knowledge into meaningful arguments, students are prepared to focus on expression. The curricular emphasis during these years is on artful expression in written and spoken form. Additionally, students think, discuss, and reflect upon the virtues, ethics, and wisdom to be found as they study each subject.

In current development - planned launch Fall 2027

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