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Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions and topics. Please reach out if you do not see yours answered. 

Tuition Rates


Our program options are: 

K - 6th

2 day: $3200

3 day: $4200

7th - 8th

2 day: $3400

3 day: $4400

Other costs



new families - $150 non-refundable application fee

*Monthly payment plan available*

Financial Aid/Discounts

Currently, we offer our fantastic staff a small discount on tuition if they have children who attend WV. In addition, we love qualified parents to step in as substitutes when needed - this is a paid role that can help offset tuition costs. Beyond that, we do not provide financial assistance or discounts. However, our tuition rates are highly competitive compared to comparable schools in the Midwest.

Daily/Weekly Schedule

Daily: Our school days start at 8:30 AM and end at 3:00 PM

Weekly: Families choose a two-day or three-day in-school option  and are provided with lesson plans for school@home days

Yearly: We start the Wednesday after Labor Day and end the 2nd Wednesday in May.

We have a fall break, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break (3 weeks) winter break and Easter break.

Statement of Faith

Our statement of faith is an integral part of our community. It is important that you realize that enrolling your children in a classical Christian school should not be done so that that they will never come into contact with sin. Rather, you should want them in this environment so that when they encounter their own sin and the sin of their fellow classmates that they are in an environment united with like-minded Christian parents and teachers who have covenanted together to deal with the (inevitable) sin in a consistent, biblical manner. You should fully expect your children to encounter sin in the classroom, on the playground and in the curriculum. We also expect that when they encounter it, they will see it dealt with in the way the Bible says sin should be dealt with.
A classical Christian school or a home school following the classical Christian curriculum must never be thought of as an asylum. Rather, this is a time of basic training; it is boot camp. Students are being taught to handle their weapons, and they are being taught this under godly, patient supervision. But in
order to learn this sort of response, it is important that students learn it well. That is, setting up a “straw man” paganism that is easily demolished equips no one. All that would do is impart a false sense of security to the students—until they get to a secular college campus to encounter the real thing. Or, worse yet, if they continue the path into a soft, asylum-style Christian college and then find themselves addressing the marketplace completely unprepared. ~ Adapted from the Omnibus

Please read our statement of faith below:

State Acredidation

Wonderview families operate as an “exempt school” under Rule 13 of the Nebraska Administrative Code. This is a straightforward  process in which families alert the state of their desire to claim exempt status and assume responsibility for their children's education. 

Current Grades

In 2023-2024 we expanded to K-8th grades. It is our goal to incorporate a junior kindergarten and 9th grade in the future moving toward a Junior K - 12th grade prorgram


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